My name is Blair Kelsie and I develop software!

I was originally born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My family moved to Saskatoon, ‘The City of Bridges’, when I was very young so I am no stranger to prairie life. However, because I was born close to an ocean I love traveling to tropical places.

I gave up a career as a chef and restaurant manager to attend the University of Saskatchewan where I received a B.Sc Honors in Software Engineering. I am a firm believer in the value of education and the idea that you should never stop learning new things.

Software development allows me to flex many of my best skills. I am a natural problem solver that pays close attention to detail. I like things to be very organized and I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when things are done right. Sometimes I feel like I am an artist; the keyboard is my paint brush, code is my paint, and the machine is my canvas. I enjoy sitting back and looking at the picture when I’m done.

I am Father, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Proprietor, Technology Enthusiast, and a work in progress….